About  Black Dragon Pewter
Lord Raven

  One day back in the early sixties a young child went on a field trip with his second grade class to the New York World's Fair.  There he was awed by the glorious sight of Michelangelo's "Pieta" at the Vatican Exhibit.  That day the child decided he to would become an artist.

  Years later in the early seventies the young man was studying sculpture in New York.  One Friday afternoon while the young man was elsewhere having lunch, someone left an old rag tag copy of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" on a piece of marble sculpture the young man was working on.  Finding the novel, he read the back cover, then the introduction.  By Monday morning he had read the whole novel and was hooked.  That fateful weekend art and fantasy were joined as one.

  While at any of the festivals you can meet and visit with that same young man who became known as Raven, the proud proprietor/artist of Black Dragon Pewter.  Black Dragon Pewter the humble meeting place where dragons, griffons, unicorns, pegasus, wizards, sorcerers, warriors, mermaids, fairies, and other creatures of myths and legends join to dance and play together in fine pewter splendor.

  During the year Raven and the Black Dragon can be found at many of the Renaissance Festivals, Arts & Crafts Shows, Science Fiction and Gaming Conventions held across the country.  In the past fourteen years Raven has been seen at the New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Pennsylavnia, Florida and King Richard Renaissance Festivals.

  Remember it will only cost you a single ooh and an aah to come browse or be entertained by one of the many tales Raven is known to spin throught the day.  If you fancy yourself a skilled chess player come challenge Raven to a game, for a generous discount on any purchase at Black Dragon Pewter.  But remember if you lose you'll owe him a tankard of cold ale!