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Lord Raven
Artist/Owner of Black Dragon Pewter
Due to the over abundance of Spam (face it there's only so many Viagra/get bigger boobs/enlarge your manhood emails one can delete in a day, without going insane...)

Lord Raven has made the desision to phase out the usage of this email address, for one with better spam guards and filters.

Please take note:
Starting February 20,2008 Please send all mail to the new address shown below. (see Raven's secondary contact)

Raven will however continue to check this address until December 31, 2008 (realizing that some friends and contacts ONLY know and have THIS address on file) at which time, this address will no longer be valid...Thank you.

Lord Raven
Artist/Owner of Black Dragon Pewter
As of February 20,2008:
This is Lord Raven's New email address...
Please use this address for all current and future correspondence, Thank you.

Web Sales Manager

Sr. Manager
Managing Florida, Scarborough, Bristol, Ohio

Nightbringer aka Justin Thyme
North East Manager
Managing I-con, SCtRF, NYRF, CTRF

Ohio Manager